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Apr.6, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 10

No place for pain and paranoia

By Richard S. Peterson ’60

Published in the April6, 2011 issue

In light of the recent controversy about bicker, I would like to add my voice to the increasing chorus of “no’s.” As member of the Class of ’60, I participated in the bicker committee of Cap and Gown, taught later at Princeton as faculty fellow at Stevenson Hall and then...

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Excluding the 'untouchables'

By Charles W. McCutchen ’50

Published in the April6, 2011 issue

Re the clubs: In 1948 “untouchables,” 8 percent of the junior class, I think, met as a group in one of the lecture rooms. I looked around and was not surprised that we had been excluded. But would it have hurt the acceptable people very much to have let us in?

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Making friends, outside of a club

By Robert B. Dodd ’49

Published in the April6, 2011 issue

With regard to selective club membership, I should note that I was one of the very few members of class who were not selected for membership in a club. I was relegated to eating in the dining halls for four years where I also worked, thus saving a lot of money on top of...

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Disputing global warming

By Bruce Arnold ’53

Published in the April6, 2011 issue

I read with dismay the President’s Page Feb. 9 on the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. Our University president just does not get it. She states that “Earth’s demand for energy grows increasing voracious and as fossil fuels grow progressively scarcer while dangerously raising...

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Fusion energy at PPPL

In response to: President's Page

By Daniel L. Jassby *70

Published in the April6, 2011 issue

The President’s Page in the Feb. 9 issue notes the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab’s 60-year attempt to develop a nuclear-fusion energy source.Fusion reactions are convincingly thought to be the origin of the sun’s energy production that underlies solar radiation. Ironically,...

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