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Apr. 27, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 11

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The WhiteKnight Two, known as the mother ship Eve, resembles a flying catamaran. Between the two “pontoons” is SpaceShip Two, christened the VSS Enterprise.

The next small step

With $200,000 and some patience, you can book your ride to the ‘ignorosphere’

By Mark F. Bernstein ’83

If you’re a baby boomer, or older, you probably remember hearing President John F. Kennedy’s clarion call to conquer space.   “We choose to go to moon,” young president declared in 1962, “because that goal will serve to organize and measure ...

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History: Cancer, color, culture

In medicine, statistics don’t tell the whole story – Keith Wailoo adds history to the mix

Published in the Apr. 27, 2011, issue

Music lovers of a certain age surely remember Minnie Riperton as a soul and pop singer with an extraordinary voice that could flutter up and down five-and-a-half octaves. Keith Wailoo remembers her as someone else: the first black woman in the United...Read more
An exterior view of Cap and Gown’s new wing and terrace.

On Prospect Avenue, a wave of club-renovation projects

Published in the Apr. 27, 2011, issue

Construction crews have been busy on Prospect Avenue. Cap and Gown and Tiger Inn are undergoing major expansions, Charter is redoing some interior space, and Cannon Dial Elm Club is renovating from top to bottom to prepare for its reopening next year. CAP AND...Read more

Can less mean more?

An experiment teaches about cooking, eating, and what’s important in life

Published in the Apr. 27, 2011, issue

Julia Hicks de Peyster ’86 is an executive-search professional ­living with her husband, Nick de Peyster ’88, and their three boys in Wellesley, Mass.     After realizing that our 12-year-old son didn’t know what food stamps were, my husband and I set...Read more
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Arthur Lowenstein '71 wrote "Thanks, Gregg, for your thoughts. I am embarrassed that I was totally ignorant of this aspect of..." in response to Rally 'Round the Cannon

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Videos: Ready for liftoff
Visit a pair of newly constructed spaceports, and watch the flight of a spacecraft planned for commercial service.
Video: (Really) high dives
Watch Kent DeMond '07 leap off cliffs, dive from an 85-foot-high platform, and perform other amazing stunts.
Video: Water for La Source
Watch the trailer for "La Source," a documentary film that highlights Princeton student support for a University custodian's project to bring water to his native village in Haiti.
Video: Inside admissions
From Tiger magazine, how high school students view Princeton's admission process.
A food-stamp budget
Julia Hicks de Peyster '86 and her family set out to feed themselves on the typical budget of a family on food stamps. Check her updates for what they've learned.
Web Exclusives
Gregg Lange's 70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
President John Maclean 1816 proved to be a steadfast leader of the College as the Civil War divided the student body.
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A list of alumni whose deaths recently have been reported to the University.
Lend a hand
Add your group to PAW's list of nonprofits created or led by alumni.
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