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May 11, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 12

Antonio Calvo

In Brief

IN MEMORIAM ANTONIO CALVO, a senior lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, died April 12 in New York City. His death was ruled a suicide. News reports quoted friends and students saying he was dismissed abruptly from...Read more

From Princeton's vault: The 542-year-old Virgil

What: Ink on paper may strike many readers today as passé, but here’s a look back to when books themselves were the hot new thing – more than five centuries ago. The German team of Sweynheym and Pannartz pioneered printing technology in Italy, cranking out...Read more

New apartments planned for Hibben-Magie site

In April, the University announced plans to dismantle the Hibben and Magie apartments and build a new housing complex for graduate students, comprised of smaller structures but capable of housing 200 more residents. Construction is expected to begin in...Read more

Helping hands for Trenton mural

Wendy Pan ’14, David Seijas ’12, Ashley ­Eberhart ’13, Sarah Gerth ’12, and Heidi ­Robbins ’13 (from front to back) helped out at a community paint day in Trenton April 17 as ­residents worked on a mural at the Home Rubber Co. factory. The students are...Read more

Petition drive lands two notorious alums

When former Princeton Township mayor Phyllis Mar­chand began a petition drive in support of the University’s arts and transit proposal, she didn’t know that she would win the support of two of Princeton’s best-known alumni: Joseph Oznot ’68 and Ephraim Di...Read more

Education secretary’s goal: ‘Get better faster’

In an address on campus April 20, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan listed five goals to be addressed within the next few years: reform of the No Child Left Behind law, increasing access to and quality of early education; bringing together school...Read more

Wilson School to end selectivity for major

Faculty at the Woodrow Wilson School voted April 19 to restructure the undergraduate program, including an end to selective admission and opening the major to all students who meet prerequisite requirements. The faculty expressed “widespread support” for...Read more
Edward C. “Ted” Taylor

At Frick dedication, thanks for ‘Ted’ Taylor

Of all the guests who attended the April 9 dedication of the Frick Chemistry Laboratory, there was none more honored than Edward C. “Ted” Taylor, the A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Organic Chemistry emeritus. The new building is truly the House that Taylor...Read more
 The research of assistant professor Abby Doyle, who joined the faculty in 2008, is changing the way molecules are coupled together.

Chemistry’s new ‘cathedral’ a beacon to young faculty

As manipulators of molecules, chemists are the ultimate realists. So it comes as something of a surprise to hear David MacMillan, the chairman of the Princeton chemistry department, sounding almost mystical as he describes the department’s stunning new...Read more
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