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May 11, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 12

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By Isia Jasiewicz ’10

Students may have been surprised in the second week of April to find in their inboxes invitations to a political debate “where liberals argue for the Bush tax cuts and conservatives want an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.” But the...


By Folasade John ’09

The soundtrack contains two notes that strike fear in the hearts of movie-goers, but for students at Dillon Pool, Jaws was the perfect study break. The movie was shown March 28 on a projector set up on the bleachers next to the pool. A...
Making the grade(s) -- I

Making the grade(s) -- I

By Melinda Baldwin GS

At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15, undergraduates breathed a sigh of relief as they handed in their papers and essays for the fall semester. For most students, Dean’s Date — the final deadline for written assignments — meant freedom from those...

Making the grade(s) -- II

By Chip McCorkle '09

One Princeton grading policy that engendered student criticism long before grade deflation is the option to take courses on a Pass/D/Fail (“P/D/F”) basis. Once a semester for no more than four semesters, students can ask professors to...
Sitcom offers a lighter view of campus life

Sitcom offers a lighter view of campus life

By Julia Osellame ’09

Frat parties, dirty laundry, and long-distance relationships. Can’t get enough of college life? A new sitcom airing on the Princeton Student Television Network promises to fill that void. Sophomores Jeremy Kent,...
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