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May11, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 12

A networking success

By Ilya Tsinis ’09

Published in the May11, 2011 issue

After graduating, I signed up for the Princeton career-networking lists on TigerNet. One day I received an e-mail from an alumna, saying that she had a nephew who was in the U.S. Marines, seriously pursuing music as a rapper/ poet/lyricist, and seeking to network. I took a...

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A moving service

By Lindsay G. Arthur Jr. ’65

Published in the May11, 2011 issue

Practically all Princeton alumni are well aware of the extraordinary efforts the University makes to treat everyone associated with the University as members of a remarkable, closely knit family. But one aspect of Princeton’s efforts that many of her sons and daughters may...

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Elitism and the arts plan

In response to: Being part of an elite

By Michael A. Fragoso ’06

Published in the May11, 2011 issue

I was interested to read Alan McKenney ’75’s letter of April 6 decrying the attitudes of elitism allegedly fostered at Princeton. While Mr. McKenney’s broader point — that Princeton teaches students primarily to concern themselves with the interests/concerns of Princeton...

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Practical knowledge

In response to: The roar of the crowd ... and the motorcycle

By Rick Mott ’73

Published in the May11, 2011 issue

I thoroughly enjoyed Isabel Pike ’11’s description of the “Art and Science of Motorcycle Design” course (On the Campus, March 23). My most practical electronics education came not from the EE department, where it was quite possible to graduate with no knowledge of which end...

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A Southern family's path to Princeton

In response to: Princeton in the Confederacy's service

By Douglas M. Carpenter ’55

Published in the May11, 2011 issue

In “Princeton in the Confederacy’s service,” W. Barksdale Maynard ’88 mentions Dr. Joseph Jones 1853. His brother, my great grandfather, Col. Charles Colcock Jones Jr. 1852, was, at the age of 29, the mayor of Savannah in 1860–61. During the Civil War he was appointed ...

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