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May11, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 12

Issues raised by articles in PAW

An unwise appointment

In response to: In Brief

By T. Burnet Fisher ’46

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

I wish to express my embarrassment that Princeton University is providing a podium from which a self-proclaimed communist, Van Jones, can pour his “destroy America because it is evil” message into malleable young minds (Notebook, March 17). Unfortunately, most of them have...

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Errors in reporting ranks

In response to: When art historians went to war

By George B. Chapman ’50 *52 *53

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

This World War II vet could not refrain from correcting the double error in the caption to the “Monuments Men” photo in the June 2 issue. Ernest DeWald *14 *16 wears the insignia of a lieutenant colonel, not a lieutenant. (That error is corrected in the text.) Perry Cott ’29...

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A long wait

In response to: Home

By Ron Halpern ’71

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

After nearly 40 years, I’ve finally actually enjoyed (almost) reading an issue of PAW (April 7). For one thing, in the letters section, several writers, including older alums, suggested, albeit much too genteelly, that despite his Princeton degree, Andrew Schlafly ’81 is an...

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Far from 'postracial'

In response to: Home

By Stephen E. Silver ’58

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

I am sorry to be writing to you at such a late date, but I’ve been away for several months and am just now catching up on my oId PAWS. The issue on race (Jan. 13) was mind-boggling. Nothing has brought home to me more forcefully that America does not have a race problem, but...

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Jim Leach '64's crusade

In response to: Uncivil society

By Randolph Hobler ’68

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

With respect to your cover story, “Reaching for Civility” (PAW June 2), however laudable Jim Leach ’64’s effort is to restore civility to political debate, what is infinitely more important is the content of the debate, not the manner in which manners are missing. The most...

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