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June1, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 14

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Mirrors of Memory: Culture, Politics, and Time in Paris and Tokyo (Posted on June13, 2011)

By James W. White ’63

(University of Virginia Press) The author observes that Paris and Tokyo may appear to be growing more alike, but in fact remain profoundly different places. He argues, for...

Popular Democracy in Japan: How Gender and Community are Changing Modern Electoral Politics (Posted on June13, 2011)

By Sherry L. Martin ’93

(Cornell University Press) This book argues that the exclusion of Japanese women from a full range of opportunities in public life provokes many of them to seek alternative...

The Lost Shepherd (Posted on June13, 2011)

By Ned Conquest ’53 *67

(Apollonian Press) In this novel’s foreword, the author writes, “In the year 1979 the Episcopal Church did the inexplicable, if not the inexpiable: the Church abandoned its...

The Art of Flourishing: A New East-West Approach to Staying Sane and Finding Love in an Insane World (Posted on June13, 2011)

By Jeffrey B. Rubin ’75

(Crown Archetype) In more than 30 years of studying, practicing, and teaching Eastern meditative and Western psychotherapeutic disciplines, Rubin has discovered that combining...

Your Loving Son, Philip: Letters from an American Soldier in World War II, May 1944-June 1946 (Posted on June13, 2011)

By Sgt. Philip R. Herzig ’46, edited by Helene P. Herzig

(Mixed Media Memoirs) After her husband, Philip Herzig ’46, died 2004, Helene Herzig discovered letters he wrote to his parents during his service the war...

Psyche and the City: A Soul’s Guide to the Modern Metropolis (Posted on June13, 2011)

By Thomas Singer ’60 (editor)

(Spring Journal) In what the editor, Thomas Singer, calls an unconventional “travel” book, the contributors to this volume look at how citizens of 18 cities around the world...

The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East (Posted on May26, 2011)

By Timur Kuran ’77

(Princeton University Press) By the 1800s, the Middle East had fallen far behind Europe in terms of economic progress. In this book, Kuran argues that what slowed economic...

Fan Fair
(Posted on June13, 2011)

This self-released R&B/soul-driven album features five tracks by singer-songwriter Sara Baiyu Chen ’08. She is donating all of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross to aid in the tsunami/earthquake relief efforts. For a freeload, go to...
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