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June1, 2011

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Blake’s Margins: An Interpretive Study of the Annotations

By Hazard Adams ’47

(McFarland) This book is about William Blake — famed poet, painter, and printmaker — and his annotations of other writers’ works. The book looks at the entire collection of...

The Fictional 100: Ranking the Most Influential Characters in World Literature and Legend

By Lucy Pollard-Gott ’78

(iUniverse) This book ranks the most influential fictional persons in literature, looking at their impact on literature and culture at large. While not flesh and...

The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order

By Bernard E. Harcourt ’84

(Harvard University Press) The author traces the birth of the idea of natural orderliness to 18th-century economic thought and its gradual evolution into today’s myth of the free...

Beirut Again

By Allen C. West ’52

(Off the Grid Press) This collection of poems begins with West’s childhood in Beirut where he was born in 1930 and follows the trajectory of his life, from his return from Beirut...

Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled

By Bert Murray ’88

(Davanna Books) One of the main characters in this novel is Colin, a sophomore in college with a “lousy love life and a lousy relationship with his father,” wrote a Kirkus Reviews...

The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek: A Tragic Clash Between White and Native America

By Richard Kluger ’56

(Alfred A. Knopf) Kluger tells the story surrounding the notorious murder conviction of a Native American tribal leader, Leschi, who was executed in 1858 in the Washington...

The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East

By Timur Kuran ’77

(Princeton University Press) By the 1800s, the Middle East had fallen far behind Europe in terms of economic progress. In this book, Kuran argues that what slowed economic...

Fan Fair

This self-released R&B/soul-driven album features five tracks by singer-songwriter Sara Baiyu Chen ’08. She is donating all of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross to aid in the tsunami/earthquake relief efforts. For a freeload, go to...
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