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June1, 2011

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StellaLandis *07

Stemming violence in New Orleans

In late 2006, violence in New Orleans was spiraling out of control. The solidarity that had prevailed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina had given way to a rash of murders. After two people Stella Landis *07 knew were killed within a week of each...

DeannaFord '03

Saving kids from a trash dump

Pictured: Deanna Ford ’03 founded a nonprofit organization that helps children who scavenge plastic and metal from Managua’s dump. (Photo courtesy Deanna Ford ’03) The trash dump known as La Chureca is one of the harshest places in Managua,...

DennisWhittle *86

Connecting donors and projects

Dennis Whittle *86 (left) founded GlobalGiving, called an eBay for international aid. (Photo Courtesy Globalgiving) If you saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire and wondered how you could improve the lives of the homeless children that the film...

DarwinCurtis '48

An advocate for solar cooking

When Darwin Curtis ’48’s son traveled to South America in the 1980s to buy wood for his business — making musical instruments — he would get upset that local residents had to cut down forests just to have fuel for cooking. “He heard about...

HannahSchein '96

Going undercover for animal rights

If you viewed a recent People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) video of workers stomping on turkeys’ heads at a plant in West Virginia, you might think twice about eating turkey at Thanksgiving. One of the individuals behind planning...

Wendy McWeeny '92 *98, Jennifer Cho '94, and Alexandra Wilson '99

Malaria No More: Stemming malaria

Pictured: A girl in Madagascar holding a packaged insecticide-treated bed net distributed by Malaria No More and Sumitomo Chemical. (Photo courtesy Malaria No More) It could be a photograph of naptime at a day-care center: Eyes closed, the...

Sherry Leiwant ’72 and Yolanda Wu ’89

Work-life balance

Taking care of a sick child is straightforward when one parent doesn’t work. But what if both parents have jobs? If among the lucky 30 percent of Americans whose employers let workers use paid sick days to care for family members —...

MaryMcKitrick '78

Making voices

Mary McKitrick ’78 always wanted to be an actress, but didn’t want hundreds of eyes focused on her. So, after a career as a biologist, she disembodied herself: She became a professional voice. McKitrick, 53, is developing a second career in...

CameronHume '68

Boosting U.S.-Islamic ties

Veteran diplomat Cameron Hume ’68 helped negotiate the end to Mozambique’s civil war in 1992, survived a rocket attack on his apartment in Beirut in the early 1980s, and was booted out of Libya following a 1969 coup led by Mu’ammar al-Gadhafi....

TomPirelli '69

Building affordable homes

Two years ago, while working as a volunteer to build a home for a poor family in Ensenada, Mexico, Tom Pirelli ’69 had an epiphany. “I was sitting in the hot Mexican sun, nailing black shingles on a thin, plywood, non-insulated roof, wondering...

TomTowers '59

Helping seniors help themselves

Although he still runs around a tennis court and walks miles playing golf, Tom Towers ’59 knows that there will come a time when he and his wife, Joan, might need a helping hand with daily chores and maintaining their house. As president of...

AlisonBadgett '01

Fighting for affordable housing

Alison Badgett ’01, executive director of Homes for New Jersey, is pushing politicians in New Jersey to make good on their promises to build inexpensive homes. About a year ago, when New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine warned that the state’s budget...

Hank Card ’77 and Conrad Deisler '78

Silly songs and political parodies

Henry “Hank” Card ’77 and Conrad Deisler ’78 admit that the songs of their satirical country/folk/bluegrass band, the Austin Lounge Lizards, aren’t for everyone. When they played a bluegrass festival a few years back, for example, “We thought...

ChristopherEllinger '78

Inspiring people to give more away

Americans on average give away 2.4 percent of their household income per year. Christopher Ellinger ’78 thinks most Americans can do better. So Ellinger, who by his mid-30s had given away half of his large inheritance from his grandparents,...

MartinSeligman '64

Figuring out happiness

Want to be happy? It’s pretty simple, actually. Put aside the toys. Figure out what you’re good at. And then apply your strengths to a greater purpose. And don’t forget to cultivate optimism along the way. That, in a nutshell, is what Martin...

Lauren (Holuba)Nelson '04

Serving soldiers and their families

Lauren (Holuba) Nelson '04 never imagined that she would become a military spouse. Although she grew up near West Point, she never had been there and knew almost nothing about the military. But after marrying West Point graduate Tom Nelson in...

MitchDaniels '71

Tackling Indiana's economy

When it comes to the future of his state, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels ’71 is thinking big. But his first term demonstrates how bold action might not be the surest ticket to a second term. The governor has ruffled so many feathers that two...
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