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“Worms From Hell!” — a B-movie title? Wrong — it’s the (loose) translation of the name of a half-millimeter worm species discovered by Princeton geoscientist TULLIS ONSTOTT *81 more than a mile underground in South Africa. The species, Halicephalobus...Read more
 “We’re living in a highly engineered era ... where potential failure looms,” says Joel Achenbach ’82.

Stopping the BP oil spill

Joel Achenbach ’82 re-creates the disaster and looks at lessons learned

When writing a book about the BP oil spill — a highly technical subject he researched at hyperspeed — Washington Post writer Joel Achenbach ’82 relied on a simple rule: Never pretend to know more than you did. The first obstacle facing Achenbach as he...Read more
A girl in Ghana holds an e-reader provided by

Out of Amazon, into Africa

David Risher ’87 brings e-readers to developing nations

What if you gave preloaded e-readers to students in developing nations? What would be the impact on the children — and on publishers? Those are among the questions being explored by, a nonprofit organization co-founded by David Risher...Read more
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Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent Is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think

By Bryan Caplan *97

(Basic Books) The author tells parents to relax and have more kids — they’ll make you happier. Parenting does not have to be as burdensome and expensive a chore as it has become, he says. By analyzing adoption and twin...

New Traditional Architecture: Ferguson & Shamamian Architects: City and Country Residences

By Mark Ferguson *82 and Oscar Shamamian, with a foreword by Richard Guy Wilson

(Rizzoli New York) This monograph dedicated to the work of the authors’ New York-based architectural firm features many of the houses they have designed. Accompanying the descriptions of the buildings are large color...

The Medusa Amulet

By Robert Masello ’74

(Bantam Books) In this supernatural thriller, librarian and Renaissance scholar David Franco sets out to recover a legendary and long-lost Renaissance artifact: a silver mirror made by Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini that...
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