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Sept.14, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 1

Tiger Profiles

Hank Card ’77 and Conrad Deisler '78

Silly songs and political parodies

Henry “Hank” Card ’77 and Conrad Deisler ’78 admit that the songs of their satirical country/folk/bluegrass band, the Austin Lounge Lizards, aren’t for everyone. When they played a bluegrass festival a few years back, for example, “We thought...

TomTowers '59

Helping seniors help themselves

Although he still runs around a tennis court and walks miles playing golf, Tom Towers ’59 knows that there will come a time when he and his wife, Joan, might need a helping hand with daily chores and maintaining their house. As president of...

TomPirelli '69

Building affordable homes

Two years ago, while working as a volunteer to build a home for a poor family in Ensenada, Mexico, Tom Pirelli ’69 had an epiphany. “I was sitting in the hot Mexican sun, nailing black shingles on a thin, plywood, non-insulated roof, wondering...

CameronHume '68

Boosting U.S.-Islamic ties

Veteran diplomat Cameron Hume ’68 helped negotiate the end to Mozambique’s civil war in 1992, survived a rocket attack on his apartment in Beirut in the early 1980s, and was booted out of Libya following a 1969 coup led by Mu’ammar al-Gadhafi....

Sherry Leiwant ’72 and Yolanda Wu ’89

Work-life balance

Taking care of a sick child is straightforward when one parent doesn’t work. But what if both parents have jobs? If among the lucky 30 percent of Americans whose employers let workers use paid sick days to care for family members —...
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