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Nov. 16, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 4

Alumni Scene
In 1997, when this photo was taken, a group of alumni founded a nonprofit that organizes sports programs for ­middle-schoolers. In the front row sitting, from left: Joel Sharp ’91, John Richard, Justin Long ’91, Thomas Bevan ’91; second row sitting: Richard Kahn ’91 (dark glasses), Michael Hirou ’91, James Lowry ’91, Kevin Kavanagh ’90; standing: John McIntyre ’91, David Archer ’90, David Wright ’91, Joe Baker ’91, Robert English ’91, Derek Leathers ’91, Christopher Hallihan ’91 (headband), Renard Charity ’91, Frank Ille ’91, John Gabrielli ’91, W. Troy Hottenstein ’91.

Playsmart: Athletes of ’90 and ’91

Opportunity through sports

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

Like many close Princeton friends, a group of some two dozen members of the classes of ’90 and ’91 — mostly football players, with a few baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey players thrown in — have gathered each summer for a mini-reunion. At one of...Read more

STARTING OUT: Ian Auzenne ’10

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

News producer and sometimes reporter for KLFY-TV in Lafayette, La.; fill-in sports-talk host, play-by-play announcer, and disc jockey for local radio stations. Princeton major: politics.  What he does: As the producer of the morning newscast, he decides...Read more


Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

The online magazine The Root recently named six alumni and faculty members to its list of the 100 most influential African-Americans between the ages of 25 and 45. Making the list were finance expert MELLODY HOBSON ’91, ranked 50th; fashion critic ROBIN...Read more

Reading Room: Carol Graham ’84

Economist’s goal: Measuring happiness

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

About a decade ago, as economist Carol Graham ’84 took the plunge into studying a messy human emotion called happiness, worried colleagues warned her, “Nobody’s going to take you seriously.” After all, happiness can’t be quantified easily nor measured in...Read more
Testing the National Covenant: Fears and Appetites in Ameri­can Politics

New Releases by Alumni

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

Ethicist WILLIAM F. MAY ’48 argues that the biblical idea of a covenant, which binds a people together for the common good, offers a more promising way to deal with national problems than the more self-centered language of contract. In Testing the National...Read more
More Books and Media

Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

(Princeton University Press) This is the fourth and final volume in the Princeton Lectures in Analysis series. This book looks at the basic ideas of functional analysis, like Banach spaces, Lp spaces, and distribution analysis. The authors also look at...Read more

A Room Where the Star-Spangled Banner Cannot Be Heard: A Novel in Three Parts

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

(Columbia University Press) This novel is set in Japan in the 1960s and focuses on Ben Isaac, a young American living with his father at the American consulate in Yokohama. Tired of living under the authority of his father, Ben goes to live with his...Read more

Justice and the American Metropolis

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

(University of Minnesota Press) This book is a collection of essays focusing on “thick injustice” — deeply entrenched unjust power relations — in American cities and suburbs. The book looks to encourage cities to refocus on social justice, with essays...Read more

The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference

Published in the Nov. 16, 2011, issue

(University of California Press) In this book, Morning examines how scientists, through teaching and textbooks, are helping to shape ideas about race. She explores the conception of race through a variety of disciplines, from biology to anthropology,...Read more
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