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Nov. 16, 2011

Vol. 112, No. 4

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Elizabeth Hodes '99

Creating edible art

One of Elizabeth Hodes ’99's edible creations that adorned a cake. (Courtesy Elizabeth Hodes ’99) Works of art by Elizabeth Hodes ’99 are not installed in galleries or museums. They wouldn’t last. And they aren’t meant to — hers is a...

Brooks Poley '55

Finding a treatment for glaucoma

Brooks Poley ’55, a retired ophthalmologist, says that replacing the eye’s natural lens with an artificial one can prevent the onset of glaucoma. (Photo courtesy Brooks Poley ’55) Brooks Poley ’55 had been retired for 11 years — and had...

Christopher Fülling '90

Arts thrive in restored Italian monastery

Christopher Fülling ’90 founded the Art Monastery, which operates out of a restored 14th-century Franciscan monastery in Labro, Italy. (Photo courtesy Christopher Fülling ’90)   Christopher Fülling ’90 sleeps in a room once used by a monk, and...
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