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Jan. 18, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 6

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Voting for trustees

By Carlos Niederstrasser ’94

Published in the June 2, 2010 issue

It is once again time to vote for Princeton alumni trustees. It is wonderful to know that alumni are represented on the board of trustees of our University. Unfortunately, I find myself facing the same dilemma as in all previous elections — I have no reasonable basis for...

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Founding creeds of service

By Nick Davis ’60

Published in the April 28, 2010 issue

As my 50th reunion approaches, I notice my mailbox filling with communications from a college at which I spent four rather tumultuous years half a century ago. Often I mistake the communications for retail catalogues, since both colorfully seek my treasure for attractive but...

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Crying over grades

By Harry “Tony” Kohn ’53

Published in the April 7, 2010 issue

A recent New York Times article, re­counting Princeton students’ aversion to the University’s grade-deflation program, suggests strongly the need for the University to include in its acceptance letters to applicants its policy in this matter, so that those whose stomachs cannot...

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Taking a good idea ...

By Stephen P. Ban ’84

Published in the March 17, 2010 issue

A video posted Jan. 13 on PAW’s Weekly Blog chronicled the University’s provision of snacks (kettle corn?!) and entertainment to mark Dean’s Date. I offer two observations.   The first: The Nassoons claim the invention of the practice of watching Dean’s Date runners as a form of...

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A chastity center? Yes

By Todd Johnson ’01

Published in the March 17, 2010 issue

As training physicians who struggle daily with tragic societal effects of sexual promiscuity, we would like to express our support for the students of the Anscombe Society and their proposal for a Princeton Center for Abstinence and Chastity.   Disappointingly, the University...

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A lifestyle that deserves support

By Dorina Amendola ’02

Published in the March 17, 2010 issue

As a recent grad, I recall distinctly my extreme discomfort at having to endure the mandatory program “Sex on a Saturday Night.” I already knew well there would be predators and dangerous situations on campus if you put yourself into them, as I was an American high school...

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Denial of center 'a travesty'

By William V. Healey ’52, M.D.

Published in the March 17, 2010 issue

Re: Princeton rejects student petition to establish center for abstinence and chastity: What is going on? Who is responsible for this travesty in a once morally great university?

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A laudable response

By Ezra Fitz ’00

Published in the March 17, 2010 issue

On Dec. 29, a New York Times article by Joseph Berger entitled “An Undocumented Princetonian” described the odyssey experienced by Harold Fernandez ’89. I encourage everyone to look up the article, but in sum, it describes how a teenager from the mean streets of Medellín,...

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Coaching and excellence

By Duke Slichter ’54

Published in the January 13, 2010 issue

I am deeply disappointed in my University. The coaching job done by Roger Hughes and his staff this year, in light of the number of injuries and the illness of Jordan Culbreath ’10, should have been cause for commendation, not dismissal. The work Coach Hughes has done over the...

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No 'incendiary' views

By George A. Pieler ’73, Falls Church, Va.

Published in the January 13, 2010 issue

For more than 250 years, Whig-Clio has embraced controversy and dialogue, because that’s what the Halls are all about: open debate, vital discourse, and even occasionally rancorous exchange of ideas. These traditions have endured near-pitched battles over hosting Alger Hiss and...

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Exams and disabilities

By Howard Wainer *68 p’07

Published in the January 13, 2010 issue

I read in the Trenton Times Nov. 8 that Diane Metcalf-Leggette ’13 had sued the University for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act because it refused to grant her “100 percent extra time on classroom examinations.”   Apparently the University had granted some...

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Speak up about clubs

By Robert K. Durkee ’69

Published in the November 18, 2009 issue

A task force composed of students, faculty, staff, and alumni has been asked to spend this academic year reviewing the relationships between the University and the eating clubs and to examine whether there are steps that can and should be taken to strengthen those relationships...

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