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Inbox 2008-2009

A better cost-cutting approach

In response to: President's Page

By Bruce Malashevich ’74

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

I read with interest and concern the article concerning the University’s loss of endowment and associated spending cuts (President’s Page, June 10). The loss of endowment is out of our control, but the spending cuts being implemented are misplaced. As the owner of a small...

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Reflecting on pride and gratitude

In response to: Alumni pride

By Argyris Vassiliou *91

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

Bob Bender ’71’s letter of July 15 leaves me puzzled.The heading above it proclaims “Alumni pride.” If it has taken two and a half centuries of accumulating greatness to finally inspire pride inan alumnus, perhaps a little reflection – or what the communists used to call...

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Financial future holds plenty of risk

In response to: Seeking financial stability in an uncertain economy

By Paul Hutter ’76

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

I was disappointed to see the headline “Seeking financial stability in an uncertain economy” (Notebook, July 15), because our endowment’s problems are not due to something so common as an “uncertain economy,” which occurs frequently throughout history, but to a new-style...

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Student signs

In response to: Teaching for America

By Joanna Alexander *88

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

Thank you for Christopher Connell ’71’s ’s interesting story, “Teaching for America” (feature, July 15). I was disappointed to hear that fourth-grade teacher Kit Tollerson ’08 hid his quite impressive and possibly inspiring education – St. Ann’s and Princeton – from his...

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Don't overlook Princeton's 'immense' borrowing

In response to: President's Page

By Philip E. Coviello ’65

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

I read “The New Normal” by President Tilghman (President’s Page, June 10), and was very surprised to see absolutely no mention of the $1 billion recently borrowed by the University, according to press reports.I would have thought that a discussion regarding adebt incurrenceof...

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