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Saving art treasures

In response to: When art historians went to war

By William T. Mann ’63

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

W. Barksdale Maynard ’88’s article (feature, June 2) was an interesting contribution to the ongoing saga of works of art lost and found as a result of World War II. The role of Princeton art experts as “Monuments Men” was especially gratifying. It seemed strange to me that...

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Debating corn syrup

In response to: Study of high-fructose corn syrup stirs critics

By Ken McCarthy ’81

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

About the furor over psychology professor and eminent neuroscientist Bart Hoebel’s comparison of the effects of high-fructose corn syrup versus sugar and water on weight gain in rats (Notebook, April 28): I seriously doubt the objections to Professor Hoebel’s science reflected a...

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Pay for professors

In response to: In Brief

By Aaron Alter *77

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

In reading the May 12 Notebook section, I was more than a little amazed by the sentence: “The average salary for full professors at Princeton increased just 0.4 percent this year (from $180,300 last year to $181,000), reflecting a trend of low salary increases for university...

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A generous example

By Clint Montague ’09

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

I recently had an experience with an alumnus whose generosity stands as an example of how we all should hope to be as members of the Princeton alumni community. I was traveling to Paris to visit my sister who was going to school there, and was scheduled to depart after one week....

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Correcting a class year

In response to: Where town meets gown

By Herb Hobler ’44

Published in the July7, 2010 issue

There was one incorrect item in the May 12 cover story, “Where town meets gown.” While I suspect most of us in ’44 would welcome Nick Katzenbach to our rolls, Nick was in ’43, not ’44. Still, many of us knew him during undergraduate days and beyond during his stellar career.

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