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Mar. 7, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 8

Last year, Todd Harrity ’13 became the first American player in 21 years to win the national college squash championship. Below, Harrity played his Yale opponent Feb. 4 at Jadwin.

Harrity ’13 reigns in squash with consistency and drive

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

Todd Harrity ’13 first held a squash racquet at age 5, when he tagged along with his parents to the courts at the Merion Cricket Club outside Philadelphia and they showed him how to play. Last year, at age 20, he became the first American player in 21...Read more

EXTRA POINT: Revving up a revolutionary system in basketball

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

Legendary basketball coach Pete ­Carril’s most lasting innovation was the Princeton Offense. He cobbled it together from a variety of old basketball moves — the weave, the dribble handoff, and the pivot play popularized by the barnstorming Original Celtics...Read more
Ian Hummer ’13

Hummer ’13 reaches 1,000-point milestone

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

Basketball forward Ian Hummer ’13 reached 1,015 career points Feb. 4 in a game against Yale. Hummer (right, taking the shot that put him over 1,000, on a goaltending violation), who has averaged 17 points per game, became the 29th Princeton player — and...Read more
Chuck Dibilio ’15

Sports Shorts

Published in the Mar. 7, 2012, issue

FOOTBALL standout Chuck Dibilio ’15, who suffered a stroke Jan. 19, was released from hospital a week later. In an interview posted online, Dibilio said that physically he was “100 percent,” but mentally “I’m not there yet.” He was undergoing speech...Read more
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