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Mar. 21, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 9

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Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millennial Experience

By Richard Landes *84

(Oxford University Press) In this book, Landes analyzes apocalyptic movements throughout history, including the Mayan calendar, the global Jihad, Nazism, and...

The Letters of Sylvia Beach

By Keri Walsh *09 (editor)

(Columbia University Press) This book contains the first collection of Sylvia Beach’s letters, which show the day-to-day details of running a famous bookstore (Shakespeare and...

A Common Justice: The Legal Alliances of Christians and Jews Under Early Islam

By Uriel I. Simonsohn *08

(University of Pennsylvania Press) In this book, Simonsohn focuses on Christian and Jewish legal behavior, while under the authority of Muslims, during the late...

Courts of Common Reason: Awakening the Spirit of 1776 to Form a More Perfect Union

By Howard DeLong *60

(Belcrest Press) In this work, DeLong uses new historical evidence on the American Revolution to redefine it from a 21st century vantage point. In addition to a...

Family and Empire: The Fernández de Córdoba and the Spanish Realm

By Yuen-Gen Liang *05

(University of Pennsylvania Press) In this book, Liang looks at the forces that connected the Spanish empire, examining the familial ties spread throughout the...

Sentience and Subtle Truth

For the 25th and 20th anniversaries of albums Sentience and Subtle Truth, respectively, electric jazz bassist Dan Krimm ’78 has released re-mastered versions that are available for digital download. Sentience, Krimm’s debut album as a bandleader, includes...
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