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Apr.4, 2012

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Nectar (Posted on Apr.2, 2012)

By Lisa Bellamy ’79

(Encircle Publications) Bellamy’s first poetry collection won the 2011 Encircle Publications annual chapbook contest and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for Poetry. Her...

Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany: New Worlds in Print Culture (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Stephanie Leitch ’91

(Palgrave Macmillan) This book looks at how German print culture mediated Europe’s knowledge of the people of Africa, South Asia, and the Americas. It shows how...

Latinamericanism after 9/11 (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By John Beverley ’64

(Duke University Press) In this book, Beverley looks at Latinamericanist cultural theory and its relation to new ways of political mobilization in Latin America. He argues that...

Modernist Commitments: Ethics, Politics, and Transnational Modernism (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Jessica Berman ’83

(Columbia University Press) Berman shows how the modernist narrative connects ethics and responsibilities to the creation of political relationships and the way...

Nano (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Bion Smalley ’65

( This novel is about two university professors who stumble upon a murder after buying a vintage Barbie doll at a yard sale. They find many other copies of the...

Voluptuous Pleasure: The Truth About the Writing Life (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Marianne Apostolides ’94

(BookThug) This book is a collection of non-fiction stories whose title claims that non-fiction does not exist. The stories take the reader from places as diverse as the kitchen...

Enough: A Pedagogic Speculation (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Robbie McClintock ’61

(The Reflective Commons) In this book, McClintock criticizes education and culture and flashes forward to the future in order to answer the question: Why have...

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