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Apr.4, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 10

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Moscow Prime Time: How the Soviet Union Built the Media Empire That Lost the Cultural Cold War (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Kristin Roth-Ey *03

(Cornell University Press) This book traces the evolution of the Soviet Union’s broadcast and film industries, as well as Soviet consumers, from after World War...

Elementary Particle Physics in a Nutshell (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Christopher G. Tully *98

(Princeton University Press) This textbook provides an introduction to particle physics for first-year graduate and advanced undergraduate students. The book covers everything...

Human Rights as Social Construction (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By Benjamin Gregg *96

(Cambridge University Press) In this book, Gregg argues that human rights are locally developed, created by average people. Viewing them on this basis, instead of on metaphysical...

Dialogue Between Faith and Reason (Posted on Mar.28, 2012)

By John H. Smith *83

(Cornell University Press) Smith traces a major line in the history of theology and the philosophy of religion down the “slippery slope” of secularization — from...

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