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Apr. 4, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 10

BUZZ BOX: Debating legitimacy, care of Princeton’s mosaics

In response to: Dig of the century

Published in the April 4, 2012 issue

The March 7 cover story on Princeton’s excavation of ancient mosaics from Antioch and a related slide show at PAW Online drew comments from readers. “As we read of art destruction and looting in some Middle Eastern countries today, we can be grateful to [Professor Charles]...

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Wrestling’s reversal

In response to: EXTRA POINT: Wrestlers go from flat on their backs to a comeback


Published in the April 4, 2012 issue

I enjoyed reading the Feb. 8 Extra Point column by Merrell Noden ’78, “Wrestlers go from flat on their backs to a comeback,” so much that I carried it around with me for two weeks. I was the wrestling team captain in 1993, when the program was proposed to be downsized and/or...

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Defending the protesters

In response to: Perspective


Published in the April 4, 2012 issue

Bravo to Alex Barnard ’09 for his eloquent explanation of why we need and have an Occupy movement (Perspective, March 7). He is quite right that our society has been much harmed by laws that encourage irresponsible risk-taking in the banking sector (laws passed because of ...

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Protecting linguistic diversity

In response to: In Brief


Published in the April 4, 2012 issue

I wish Olivia Waring ’12 success in her study of Tibetan dialects as a Sachs scholar (Campus Notebook, Jan. 18). Ironically, the “homogenization” that she wrings her hands about is directly attributable to the study of linguistics that she loves so much. As Patrick Geary...

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Proofreading at PAW

In response to: In praise of proofreading


Published in the April 4, 2012 issue

Re the letter from James D. Sheppard ’50 (Inbox, Feb. 8) congratulating PAW for its lack of typos because it actually has a proofreader: Within minutes I was reading in Class Notes about the death of the last member of the Class of 1930 at the age of 103. I was interested to...

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