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Apr.4, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 10

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Princeton vs. Trenton: A shocking comparison

By Arthur Morgan ’44

Those exploring the Princeton campus today cannot help but be impressed (if not overawed) by what they see. In every direction are new creations: classrooms, libraries, dormitories, playing fields, laboratories, stadiums, you name it. And everything, old or new, is in...

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The state of green design

By Chris Morris *78

Uncanny, that Princeton had prepared me for an observation-dependentmaster’s in architecture just in time for general relativity’s origin-of-the-universe exemption per any “bottom-up” consideration of a single/definite history.By 1980, the idea that an episode of inflation...

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Taking risks for race relations

By Kevin R. Loughlin ’71

It can be argued that the seeds of the current Princeton Prize In Race Relations were sewn in the early 1960s by the efforts of John F. Kennedy ’39, John Doar ’44, and Nicholas Katzenbach ’43 to ensure the desegregation of Southern universities. Few remember the risks, personal...

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Who should be admitted to elite schools?

In response to: Perspective

Published in the May16, 2012 issue

In a Perspective essay in the April 4 issue, Tamara Sorell ’81 described how she had advised her daughter not to apply to Princeton and other elite schools, saying she feared that admission policies “have reached the point where students who don’t have elaborately financed...

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Sad statistics on academics

In response to: USG surveys academic life, asks faculty for changes


Published in the June6, 2012 issue

How painful to read your story, “USG surveys academic life” (Campus Notebook, April 25). Here we learn that Princeton students spend only 26 hours per week on coursework outside of class. For courses that require more than four hours per week of reading, students report that,...

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