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From the Archives

Published in the April 25, 2012, issue

Flowers and chirping birds aren’t the only signs of spring on campus. Shorts, flip-flops, and sunbathers blossom everywhere on a warm 2012 day, just as they did when this photo — perhaps from the 1960s or 1970s — was taken for PAW. The building ­visible at top right appears to be 1915 Hall, but archivists provided no details about the photo. Can any readers identify these tanned and trim ­students?

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Brian Bonnyman ’85 Says:

2012-04-23 11:26:25

This is from spring 1982 in front of 1915 Hall. It was the only all-male dorm on campus at that time, and these are some of the residents. From the foreground moving back, the sunbathers are Kent Ertugrul ’85, Dave Ramsay ’85, Pete Stebbins ’85, me (I think; the Adidas shorts are a tipoff), Mark Vargo ’85, Don Kruger ’85, and two people I can't identify.

Guy Barudin '83 Says:

2012-04-25 10:08:11

That's right, Brian. Mark Sherman and I, your resident advisers, where probably lobbying the room-draw committee on your behalf to get higher priority in return for living next to the Wu Hall construction all year.

Thomas S. Fisher '50 Says:

2012-05-10 09:10:29

It's great keeping up with Princeton. My memory is a happy one!!
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