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Apr. 25, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 11

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A Princeton test-drive; pursuing a DREAM (Act)

A Princeton test-drive; pursuing a DREAM (Act)

By David C. Walter ’11

The final and most crucial stage of the court­ship ritual known as “Princeton admissions” is also the shortest: Princeton Preview, two weekends in April when accepted students (or “pre-frosh”) test out the life they’d live as full-striped...
Graduate-student humor;   Native American pride

Graduate-student humor; Native American pride

By Ben Fong GS

It wasn’t your typical graduate seminar in Lewis Thomas Lab, but then, it wasn’t your typical seminar speaker, either. Adam Ruben ’01, a molecular biology major who developed a standup comedy act while earning his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins,...
Singing the night away

Singing the night away

By Jessica Lander ’10

All-nighters during exam period are routine, but on the first Wednesday of finals, 10 Princeton students pulled one of an unorthodox variety. They traded study sheets for songbooks, laptops for guitars, and the library’s fluorescent gloom...
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