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Apr. 25, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 11

The state of green design

By Chris Morris *78

Posted on Apr. 18, 2012

Uncanny, that Princeton had prepared me for an observation-dependent master’s in architecture just in time for general relativity’s origin-of-the-universe exemption per any “bottom-up” consideration of a single/definite history. By 1980, the idea that an episode of inflation...

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Lessons from Princeton’s history

By Harold L. Crane ’40

Posted on Apr. 18, 2012

In the fall of 1936 I moved into 5 North Middle Reunion, a dreary apartment with two narrow rooms, one containing a fireplace that once had heated the entire apartment. In 1938 I acquired a congenial roommate a pleasant apartment at 21 North West with a large living room...

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Working with authors

By Al Zuckerman ’53

Posted on Apr. 18, 2012

I much enjoyed your issue (Jan. 18) that focused on Princeton authors and Princeton folk with close relations to books and book publishing. We at Writers House guide and advise authors in the preparation of proposals for books, both fiction and nonfiction, often editing their...

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A grading approach that motivated

In response to: Holding the line on A’s

By Norton Jacobi ’55

Posted on Apr. 18, 2012

The Jan. 18 letter by Daniel Cohen ‘67 and subsequent responses (letters, March 7) have stimulated me to offer an alternative view. There may be areas of study for which Cohen’s procedural approach may be appropriate, but certainly not the one for which I was responsible. I...

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Princeton vs. Trenton: A shocking comparison

By Arthur Morgan ’44

Posted on Apr. 18, 2012

Those exploring the Princeton campus today cannot help but be impressed (if not overawed) by what they see. In every direction are new creations: classrooms, libraries, dormitories, playing fields, laboratories, stadiums, you name it. And everything, old or new, is in...

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