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Apr.25, 2012

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Memorials by Class: 1955

William Thomas Reynolds '55

Bill, an opera lover, died Oct. 20, 2003, of a heart attack as he climbed the steps of the Paris Opera House while on vacation in France.A son of William Wynkoop...

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Lawrence M. Riegel '55

Larry died May 22, 2008, in New York City, where he was born and made his home. He was the son of G. Frederic Riegel ’15, and his brother is George F. Riegel Jr. ’52....

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Michael D. Robbins '55

Mike died at home of a brain tumor Sept. 13, 2014. He was born Sept. 19, 1933, to Laura Neufeld and Joseph Robbins, parents who inculcated him with the message that...

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Marshall L. Rosenbloom '55

Marshall Rosenbloom, the son of Harry Rosenbloom, was born in Brooklyn April 13, 1934. He died Dec. 14, 2009, in Canaan, N.H., of metastatic cancer of the...

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Peter W. Rowley '55

Peter Rowley — author, playwright, philanthropist, and land developer — was born July 20, 1934, into an estate-owning British family. He came to the United States at...

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