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May 16, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 12

Alumni Scene
Author Kit Feldman ’78 with Phoebe, Amos, and Sam.

A dog’s life: Cooking for man’s best friend

Kit Feldman ’78

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

Editor’s note: PAW senior writer Mark F. Bernstein ’83 spent a day in the kitchen with the author of The Culinary Canine, Kathryn Levy Feldman ’78. When I called Kathryn “Kit” Levy Feldman ’78 to plan our cooking demonstration, the first thing we discussed...Read more

From “The Culinary Canine”: Brown Rice Arancini with Sweet Potato and Ground Chicken

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

1 sweet potato 11⁄2 cups short-grain brown rice 2 tbsp. olive oil 33⁄4 cups low-sodium chicken broth 1⁄2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 whole egg 1 cup spinach, steamed and chopped fine 1 cup chicken, cooked Roast the sweet potato at 350 degrees for 40–50...Read more
Sophie Gandler ’10

Starting Out: Sophie Gandler ’10

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

Intern in the literary office of Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, R.I. Princeton major: English, with a certificate in theater. What she does: Gandler reads and reviews scripts, looking for those that the company might want to produce. She writes...Read more
H. Bartow Farr III ’66


Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

Washington-based lawyer H. BARTOW FARR III ’66 played a key role in the Supreme Court case in March examining the 2010 health-care law. Farr’s charge was to argue in favor of upholding the remaining provisions of the Patient Protection and Afford­able Care...Read more
Members of the classes of 1944 through 1950 on the steps of Clio Hall.

Get out the orange and black

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

On Reunions weekend, May 31–June 3, thousands of alumni will return to campus wearing a distinctive memento of their time at Princeton: the beer jacket, which turns 100 this year. The beer jacket was invented by enterprising members of the Class of 1912...Read more

New Releases by Alumni

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

The Passage of Power (Knopf), the fourth volume of ROBERT A. CARO ’57’s biography The Years of Lyndon Johnson, follows Johnson from 1958, when he began campaigning unsuccessfully for the 1960 Democratic nomination, to 1964. It examines his vice presidency...Read more
Charlotte Rogan ’75

Reading Room: Charlotte Rogan ’75

A young woman surviving at sea

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

The idea for The Lifeboat — Charlotte Rogan ’75’s debut novel set in 1914 about a group of people who spend three weeks at sea after an explosion on an ocean liner — emerged in 1999. Grace Winter, who would become the novel’s main character and narrator,...Read more
New books & media

Political Crime and the Memory of Loss

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

(Indiana University Press) Borneman explores loss and people’s often-violent reactions to it and examines whether it is possible to respond to loss without collective or individual violent revenge. He studies the redress of political crime in Germany and...Read more

The Lives of Machines: The Industrial Imaginary in Victorian Literature and Culture

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

(University of Michigan Press) This book explores how the industrial revolution affected language — giving us phrases like “letting off steam” or feeling “under pressure.” Ketabgian, looking at British literature from the 1830s to 1870s,...Read more

Historical Dictionary of Mesoamerica

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

(The Scarecrow Press, Inc.) This historical dictionary of Mesoamerica presents essential information on a range of subjects during that time period. Included in the dictionary are brief A-Z entries that describe important people, events,...Read more

The Theorist’s Mother

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

(Duke University Press) The author examines the maternal in works by male critical theorists. He focuses primarily on Marx and Freud, and also looks at other figures like Derrida. Parker is an English professor at Amherst College. Read more

Among the Powers of the Earth: The American Revolution and the Making of a New World Empire

Published in the May 16, 2012, issue

(Harvard University Press) Gould traces America’s international relations from the Seven Years’ War to the Monroe Doctrine. He shows how the American Revolution was not only an attempt to gain liberty from the British, but also a bid for...Read more
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