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May 16, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 12

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Will Lesh '74

Model sailboat maker

Résumé: Owner, co-founder, and chief designer of Tippecanoe Boats, based in Everson, Wash. Transatlantic sailor. Former commodore of the Princeton University Yacht Club and skipper on the Princeton varsity sailing team. Majored in English. WIND...

Jane Mentzinger '82

Forging connections for schools

Jane Mentzinger '82 brings services into Chicago's schools. Résumé: Since 2001, executive director of Communities In Schools of Chicago (CISC), a nonprofit that connects ­public schools with ­programs and ­services at no charge. Previously...

Jim Ayala '84

A businessman solving social problems

Jim Ayala ’84, right, donates solar lanterns to a village in the Philippines through a foundation he heads. Résumé: President and founder of Hybrid Social Solutions, which brings essential goods and services to poor, rural villages in the...

Cheryl Cameron-Cumings '88

Advocate for the blind

Cheryl Cameron-Cumings ’88 founded a Boston-based organization that runs programs for blind youth and young adults. Résumé: Founder of Our Space Our Place, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that runs programs for blind youth and young...
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