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July11, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 15

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Ordinary Radicals: Portraits of Lives Changed by the Sixties

By John V.H. Dippel ’68

(eBook, Amazon) In this book, Dippel follows the lives of eight members of his generation whose lives were transformed by what they experienced during the 1960s. While much is...

The Wagner Complex

By Tom Artin ’60 *68

(Free Scholar Press) Artin sets forth psychoanalytic interpretation of Wagner’s Ring, focusing on the genesis and meaning of The Ring, but also exploring the Zeitgeist in whose...

The Facebook IPO Primer

By Nancy Miller ’78

( Miller gathers together stories and analysis to help readers learn everything they need to know about Facebook’s debut on the stock market. This book covers the ups...

Zoe Gets Ready

By Bethanie Deeney Murguia ’93

(Scholastic) This illustrated children’s book follows a little girl’s decision about what to wear. Zoe goes through seven outfits, each one suited for a different adventure, but...

So Big Yet So Small

By Peter Weiland ’55, illustrated by Kevin Coffey

(Mascot Books) This picture book explores the world of aircraft carriers, showing young readers how a ship that seems so massive to them actually constitutes a challengingly small...

The Value of Species

By Edward L. McCord ’72

(Yale University Press) In the face of accelerating extinctions across the globe, McCord draws upon philosophy, ethics, law, and biology to argue for the value of species that do...

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