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July 11, 2012

Vol. 112, No. 15


The Class of 2012: A survey

How many hours a day did you study? More than five: 26% Zero: 10% The best website for ­procrastination: Facebook: 60% The New York Times: 6% Your favorite Princeton event: Reunions: 43% Lawnparties: 11% What do you do on a Saturday night? Go to The Street:...Read more
Advanced-degree recipients listen to George Will *68

Beer for intellectuals

A little-known fact about columnist and Princeton trustee George Will *68: He is a historian of ... beer. Will kicked off a new tradition June 4 when he became the first keynote speaker to address students at a Princeton hooding ceremony, at which...Read more
Thomas Boggiano ’12 gets a handshake from Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Bentow after receiving his first salute as an officer.

From Commencement to the Army: A ‘sense of obligation’

A few hours after Commencement, Greg Colella ’12 exchanged his graduation robe for military dress blues and swore an oath to support and defend the Consti­tution. As a second lieutenant in the Army, he will report to Fort Benning, Ga., in September for...Read more
Kristin Cordwell ’13

Commencement puzzle: ‘In the Middle’

Solve this puzzle by ­mathematics major and wordplay expert Kristin Cordwell ’13 to find a hidden message — or two.  To the seniors: nice_ate, slop_lope, pint_cute, bugle_ark, war_ask, heart_owl, qatar_bid, sauce_amen, rule_inky, shaw_ax, bath_gad, ...Read more
Pete Carril

Honorary-Degree Recipients

Pete Carril, Basketball Hall-of-Famer and former Princeton coach; Aretha Franklin, the singer known as “the Queen of Soul”; Eduardo Padrón, president of Miami Dade College; Joan Wallach Scott, the Harold F. Linder Professor in the School of Social Science at...Read more
Author Michael Lewis ’82 - Baccalaureate speaker, who acknowledged the role luck has played in his life:  “Life’s outcomes, while not entirely random, have a huge amount of luck baked into them. Above all, recognize that if you have had success, you’ve also had luck — and with luck comes obligation. ... You owe a debt to the unlucky.”

Commencement Voices

Michael Lewis ’82, the author of such best-sellers as Liar’s Poker and The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, is one of the country’s most respected business writers. Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell), manager of the Dunder Mifflin paper company for...Read more

Bittersweet farewell: A diary

PAW asked Angela Wu ’12, one of our On the Campus writers for the last three years, to document the days that led to Commencement and alumna-hood. Read more
From left: Robert Varrin ’56 *57, Isabel McGinty *82, Catherine Toppin ’02, and David Fisher ’69.

Alumni Association awards for service to Princeton

Former chairman of the Committee on Academic Programs for Alumni; ­P-rade marshal; Service of Remembrance Committee member; secretary, executive committee, Friends of Princeton Track; former advisory-board member, Princeton Varsity Club  RECONNECTING When...Read more

In the nation’s service

Soccer balls, mesh practice jerseys, and hundreds of other sporting-goods items will be arriving at the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton this summer courtesy of the Class of 1997. To complement its Olympics reunion theme, the class collected new and gently...Read more

Inquiring mind

Photographer Katherine Elgin ’13 asked alumni: What’s the most underrated part of Reunions?Read more
Jon Bon Jovi

The joint was jumpin’

Music keeps Reunions moving, and this year had more than its share of headliners. New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi was the biggest name, performing for the Class of ’87 Friday night. The 25th reunion kept on rocking the following night with an appearance by...Read more
President Tilghman

Panels: More than just fun and games

At her annual Reunions ­conversation with alumni in Richard­son Auditorium, President Tilghman expressed thanks for support of the Aspire fundraising campaign, which exceeded its goal. “The most exciting thing has been the number of Prince­tonians who have...Read more
READERS' CHOICE AWARD - submitted by Jen Melchowe Knowles '01

Reunions 2012 reader photos

PAW asked for photos, and readers answered the call, sending more than 270 colorful scenes. Taking into account humor, sentimentality, and creativity, the editors selected six prize-winning entries.The seventh was chosen by fans of the PAW Facebook...Read more
Archie Hovanesian Jr. ’62

A break from the party to contemplate war

Members of the Class of 1962 took a break from Reunions celebrations to reflect on how the Vietnam War — over for 37 years — had changed their lives. It was one of three discussions among veterans of different wars: The Class of 1997 hosted a discussion...Read more

Septuagenarians and barbarians: A 30-something visits the 5th and 50th

People ask a certain question so often at Reunions that my friend Mike Korn ’00 had a T-shirt made to answer it. Now, when someone starts the inevitable “Which tent do you guys want to go to?” conversation, Mike simply points to his shirt, which reads:...Read more
Following custom, the 25th-year class leads the P-rade.

A reunion of abundance

Reunions can be overwhelming. Between class events, alumni forums, ­faculty lectures, theater performances, arch sings, and just walking around our campus (more beautiful than I remember) while navigating around golf carts, there is so much to pack in, so...Read more
Soren Thompson ’05

London calling

With the London Games set to begin later this month, PAW shines the spotlight on some of Princeton’s Olympians and Olympic hopefuls — and the paths they’ve traveled to reach the highest level of international competition.Read more
Two classes — ’52 and ’02 — celebrate each other.

True colors

Published in the July 11, 2012, issue

Text by Jennifer Altmann, Katherine Federici Greenwood, and Fran Hulette; with additional reporting by PAW staff and Abigail Greene ’13, Giri Nathan ’13, and Jeanne Jackson DeVoe Photographs by Beverly Schaefer, Frank Wojciechowski, Brian Wilson, Ricardo...Read more
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