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July 11, 2012

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Cheryl Cameron-Cumings '88

Advocate for the blind

Cheryl Cameron-Cumings ’88 founded a Boston-based organization that runs programs for blind youth and young adults. Résumé: Founder of Our Space Our Place, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that runs programs for blind youth and young...

Jim Ayala '84

A businessman solving social problems

Jim Ayala ’84, right, donates solar lanterns to a village in the Philippines through a foundation he heads. Résumé: President and founder of Hybrid Social Solutions, which brings essential goods and services to poor, rural villages in the...

Jane Mentzinger '82

Forging connections for schools

Jane Mentzinger '82 brings services into Chicago's schools. Résumé: Since 2001, executive director of Communities In Schools of Chicago (CISC), a nonprofit that connects ­public schools with ­programs and ­services at no charge. Previously...

Will Lesh '74

Model sailboat maker

Résumé: Owner, co-founder, and chief designer of Tippecanoe Boats, based in Everson, Wash. Transatlantic sailor. Former commodore of the Princeton University Yacht Club and skipper on the Princeton varsity sailing team. Majored in English. WIND...

Jonathan Vinocour '01

San Francisco's principal violist

Résumé: Principal violist for the San Francisco Symphony; principal violist the St. Louis Symphony from 2007 to 2009; founding member ECCO, a chamber-music group based in New York; master’s degree from the New England Conservatory...

Jay Xu *08

Museum innovator

Jay Xu *08 rebranded the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Résumé: Director of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Chairman of the Department of Asian and Ancient Art at the Art Institute of Chicago from 2006 to 2008. Doctorate in art and...

David Madden '03

History Bowl founder

Résumé: Executive director and founder of the National History Bowl and National History Bee. Nineteen-time Jeopardy! champion. Former bicycle-tour guide, freelance genealogist, and art researcher. Master’s degree in international relations...

Sean McCarthy '93

Comedy journalist

Résumé: Founder of The Comic’s Comic, a website that covers the American comedy scene. Former stand-up ­comedian. Former writer for the New York Daily News and the Boston Herald. Majored in ­politics with a certificate in American...

Bill Carson '50

Co-founder, Santa Fe for Students

(This is a corrected version of an article published in the March 21, 2012, issue. The correction appears at the end of the story.) Résumé: Co-founder of the education nonprofit Santa Fe for Students. Former executive vice president in...

Moshe Pritsker *05

Co-founder of video science journal

Résumé: CEO, editor-in-chief, and co-founder of JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments. Postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Doctorate in molecular biology from Princeton. CROSSING THE OCEAN...

Deborah Salem Smith '96

A playwright who probes gray areas

Résumé: Playwright-in-residence, Trinity Repertory Company, Providence, R.I. Adjunct faculty, Brown University/ Trinity M.F.A. program. Majored in art and archaeology. GRAY ZONES Deborah Salem Smith ’96 writes plays about gray zones — “the...

Creighton W. Abrams Jr. '62

Head of the Army Historical Foundation

Résumé: Executive director of the Army Historical Foundation since 2000. Retired Army brigadier general. Served 31 years, including deployments to Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Southwest Asia, and Italy. Site manager for General Dynamics in Saudi...

Robert Root-Bernstein '75 *80

A researcher of the arts-sciences connection

Robert Root-Bernstein ’75 *80 surveys scientists and engineers about their artistic activities. Résumé: Physiology professor at Michigan State University who conducts biological research on human autoimmune diseases and cellular regulation...

Emily  Pelton *92

Head of refugee services

Résumé: Executive director, Refugee Family Services in Atlanta. Former director of foundation fundraising and policy analysis, CARE. ­Government-relations director, Case Western Reserve University. White House senior policy adviser for...
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