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Oct. 24, 2012

Vol. 113, No. 3

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 By the storm’s end, at least 50 trees had come down on the University grounds, including one that destroyed a southern portion of the fence surrounding Prospect Garden.

Hurricane Sandy on campus

By Allie Weiss ’13

Monday, 5:29 p.m.: “Trees have come down on campus due to gusty winds,” an emergency text message alert to the University community read. “It’s...

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Cover Story
Suleika Jaouad ’10 with her boyfriend, Seamus McKiernan, before her bone-marrow transplant in April.

“I can’t put my life on pause”

Writer Suleika Jaouad ’10 stares down her cancer from the pages of The New York Times

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall ’89

SULEIKA JAOUAD REMEMBERS THE DAY, in the first week of November 2010, when she first felt that something inside her had gone wrong. The freshly...

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Hidden Princeton

By W. Barksdale Maynard ’88, photographs by Ricardo Barros

Every day, every hour, a bustling life goes on behind the scenes at ­Princeton. Many of the 13,700 people who live or work at the University hardly...

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“I came in already understanding that the alumni body of this University has a very special ­relationship with the campus — its intensity, its fervor, its ­loyalty ...The new thing I’ve learned is how this culture is replicated from ­generation to ­generation.”

Decision to leave helm ‘very easy,’ Tilghman says

By Brett Tomlinson

President Tilghman understands that a message from “” can spark action on campus. Like when a student recently went to Tilghman’s...

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Nick Gorga ’99 moved back to Detroit and ­co-founded a contest for small-business owners.

Revitalizing his hometown

Nick Gorga ’99

By Graham Meyer ’01

Nick Gorga ’99 sees hope in storefronts. He and his friend Ted Balowski founded Hatch Detroit, a nonprofit organization promoting independent...

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Notes from another world

By Matthew Spellberg GS

(Editor's note: The following is a revised version of the story published in the Oct. 24, 2012, issue of PAW.) Garden State Youth Correctional...

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A view of Complexo do Alemão, a shanty town in northern Rio de Janeiro, from a tram used by residents and tourists. Hank Song '11, left, visited some of Brazil’s poorest ­neighborhoods as a Princeton in Latin America fellow last year.

PiLA turns 10, hopes to expand across Latin America

By Fran Hulette

Last year, working in Parramos, Guatemala, Princeton in Latin America fellow Cindy Kroll ’11 spent half of each day as an English and math teaching...

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