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Feb.†6, 2013

Vol. 113, No. 7


Wanted: Butler Tract tales

Published in the February†6, 2013 issue

Did you live in the Butler Tract? This barracks-like complex of married grad-student housing was built after World War II and was expected to be short-lived. Instead, generations of students and their families have called it home. Soon it will be razed. PAW is seeking lively...

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From the Archives

In response to: From the Archives

Published in the February†6, 2013 issue

Editor’s note: Cecilia Peck ’80 was one of several readers who wrote in to say that she and Walker Rucker ’79 were the two students in the Dec. 12 From the Archives photo, taken after a 1979 snowstorm.

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A lopsided search group

In response to: In search for a president, new committee gets down to business

By LAUREN COLLINS ’02, London, England

Published in the February†6, 2013 issue

The committee that will search for replacement for President Tilghman includes 11 alumni. Of the nine who are not members of Princeton’s faculty or staff, five work in finance and two work as health-care executives (Campus Notebook, Nov. 14). None of the University’s many...

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Reviving Princetonís mission


Published in the February†6, 2013 issue

As I approach a half-century of involvement with Princeton University, I see President Shirley Tilghman as the leader who finally turned the University back toward its original 1746 mission dedicated to establishing fairness and justice in the new nation. As one of...

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Donít give up paper theses

In response to: Senior thesis moves into the digital era


Published in the February†6, 2013 issue

Why not digitally archive the old ones to make room for the new? Editor’s note: The new policy at Mudd Library means seniors now will be required to hand in a PDF of their thesis to their department, according to Pascale Poussart, the director of undergraduate research. The...

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