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Apr. 3, 2013

Vol. 113, No. 10

Cover Story
Peter Gray ’60

Hidden lives

Amid questioning, covering, and fear, gay students in the ’50s and ’60s found friendship and even love

By Richard Just ’01

Midway through his sophomore year, Peter Gray ’60 got lucky in his choice of friends. He had found himself growing closer to one of his classmates....

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Ortley Beach, N.J., was a scene of devastation a month after Hurricane Sandy struck.

After Sandy

Can Princeton professors help to ­prevent such damage from future storms?

By Anna Azvolinsky *09

Along New Jersey’s Route 37, the traffic begins to thin out and the police checkpoints become more frequent as you approach the bridge linking the...

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After being drawn to multiple fields of science, Katie Stouffer ’13 majored in computer science because it would play a “key role in ... research in virtually all of them.”

Its nerdy image in the past, computer science takes off

By Joseph Sapia

When it comes to Princeton departments of study, computer ­science is a new kid on the block — before 1985, it was part of electrical engineering....

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In a study of girls, Clifford Nass ’81 *86 found that face-to-face communication is key to healthy social and emotional development.

Look me in the eye

Clifford Nass ’81 *86

By Katherine Federici Greenwood

While walking through the Stanford dorm where he is a resident fellow, Professor Clifford Nass ’81 *86 stopped to chat with a student who was...

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Student club dips into chocolate

By Jennifer Altmann

“We make chocolate.” That’s the mission of a new Princeton club, grandly named the Institute for Chocolate Studies. President Greg Owen ’15...

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READING ROOM: Adam Alter *09

Surprising forces that shape behavior

By Louis Jacobson ’92

Having lived in South Africa and Australia before settling in the United States, Adam Alter *09 adopted the mannerisms and assumptions of each...

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