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Apr. 3, 2013

Vol. 113, No. 10


‘A vivid memory of bicker,’ 1962

Published in the April 3, 2013 issue

The 1962 Bric-a-Brac didn’t identify the students in this photo, which accompanied a Nov. 14 Alumni Scene story excerpting video interviews that PAW conducted during the Class of ’62’s 50th reunion. But Bill Bacchus ’62 was able to gather the names of the following, shown...

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For the record

Published in the April 3, 2013 issue

Professor Sean Wilentz took the photo of Jon Wiener ’66 that appeared with a Feb. 6 Alumni Scene story about Wiener’s new book, How We Forgot the Cold War. Professor Joyce Carol Oates will teach her last class at Princeton in the fall of 2014 and retire the following July. A...

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Balanced learning


Published in the April 3, 2013 issue

I applaud the recent EQuad News supplement, “Art, Form, Function” (Jan. 16). As an engineering graduate, one of the real pluses for having attended Princeton was the inclusion of wonderful learning experiences in the field of liberal arts. Now, as the world has moved into a ...

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Targeting real threats

In response to: Perspective


Published in the April 3, 2013 issue

We live in a world where women and girls are subject to female genital mutilation. We have seen such a rise in ­subjugation of women that, in the Nether­lands, women wear the hijab to avoid being harassed and ­physically threatened by Islamic men enforcing a dress code. Much...

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Sotomayor ’76’s experience

In response to: A Moment With...


Published in the April 3, 2013 issue

I very much enjoyed reading my classmate Sonia Sotomayor’s account of her Princeton experience in her book, My Beloved World, and found much that I could relate to as another daughter of immigrants from modest circumstances. I did, however, have to chuckle at her immodest...

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