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Apr.24, 2013

Vol. 113, No. 11


For the record

In response to: The Class of 2012: A career snapshot

Published in the April24, 2013 issue

Information in a chart in the March 20 Campus Notebook section reporting on the career choices of the Class of 2012 was based on a PAW analysis of data from the Office of Career Services’ 2011–12 annual report; some job categories were renamed. The number of graduates hired ...

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From the Archives

In response to: From the Archives


Published in the April24, 2013 issue

I can shed some light on the March 6 From the Archives photo. About 20 protesters in Alexander Hall hung their banner at a speech by then-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci ’52, who was on campus to receive the Woodrow Wilson Award in 1988. As a member of the University ...

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Veterans at Princeton

In response to: Letters


Published in the April24, 2013 issue

Recent writers to PAW have expressed a concern for the minuscule number of veterans on campus (letters, Feb. 6). With a commitment from the University, the assistance of the admission office, and regional schools committees, double-digit increases could be achieved. Federal ...

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Would they be admitted now?

In response to: Lives lived and lost: An appreciation


Published in the April24, 2013 issue

In reading over the biographies/ remembrances of the Princetonians who left us in 2012 (“Lives lived and lost,” Feb. 6), one cannot help but wonder whether or not they would be admitted to the freshman class today. Were they all super-achievers at age 18? I appreciate that...

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A different Princeton

In response to: Acclaimed author Oates to retire from University


Published in the April24, 2013 issue

Perhaps Princeton changed between 1895 and 1905. What I know of my maternal grandfather, Linsly R. Williams 1895, doesn’t jibe with Joyce Carol Oates’ description of 1905 (Campus Notebook, March 6). According to my grandmother, her husband was so poor when he attended...

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