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July 10, 2013

Vol. 113, No. 15

From the July 10 issue
Dan Johnson GS; his wife, Julie; and their children Anders (5), Lucia (2), and Henrik (5 months) make good use of their small living room.

A wonderful life

For nearly seven decades, Butler Tract has formed a happy domestic ­backdrop for ­students — not bad for ‘temporary housing’

By W. Barksdale Maynard ’88

“I love my clothesline!” gushes Julie Johnson, a five-year resident of Halsey Street in Butler Tract and the wife of a graduate student. “Where I...

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A library for all

Dan Cohen ’90

By Graham Meyer ’01

To explain what the Digital Public Library of America is, Dan Cohen ’90, the DPLA’s founding executive director, also explains what it is not. It’s...

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A moment with ... Cassandra Hough ’07, on the hookup culture

By Jennifer Altmann

Arriving at Princeton for her freshman year, Cassandra DeBenedetto ’07, now Cassandra Hough (pronounced “huff”), was startled by a campus culture...

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READING ROOM: Alexandria Walton Radford *09

Why some valedictorians don’t apply to Princeton

By Christopher Connell ’71

Each year scads of 17- and 18-year-olds graduate as high school valedictorians with perfect GPAs, sky-high SATs, and piles of college credits. But...

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Why we need national service

By Anthony Brandt ’58

The late 1950s were a peculiar time in this country. The Korean War was over and Vietnam was still to come, yet thanks to the Cold War, the nation...

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Reunions and Commencement
About 24,000 people attended Reunions, and most marched in the P-rade. Here, wearing their new jackets, an enthusiastic contingent of more than 1,500 marchers from the Class of 1988 led the classes in the P-rade.

Reunions! Reunions! Reunions!

Princeton’s big bash

By Jennifer Altmann

This year’s Reunions was celebrated with the traditions held dear by generations of graduates — the arresting orange-and-black attire, the jubilant...

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Mission accomplished: Graduates celebrate after the ceremony.

Words to live by

During commencement week, the messages can be humorous or serious

By Katherine Federici Greenwood with Lauren Zumbach ’13

Photographs by Ricardo Barros and Beverly Schaefer At her first 11 Commencement ceremonies as president, Shirley Tilghman conferred honorary degrees...

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