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Feb.5, 2014

Vol. 114, No. 7

Attorney and activist Barbara Brenner *77 challenged the cancer establishment. She died of ALS in May.

Lives Lived and Lost: An Appreciation

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Princeton knows the power of pomp. Students begin their time on campus with a ceremony combining all the seriousness and exuberance of a grand new phase of life; they leave after celebrations — both poignant and raucous — marking four years’ worth of ...Read more
Barbara A. Brenner *77 in 2006

Lives: Barbara A. Brenner *77

‘The pit bull of breast cancer’

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Oct. 7, 1951 – May 10, 2013 When her life partner, Barbara Brenner *77, died, Suzanne Lampert *75 recalled the promise she had made to her: “I always told her that I would make sure her obituary said she died after a long battle with the breast-cancer...Read more
Earl Staten Browning Jr. *53 in 1943

Lives: Earl Staten Browning Jr. *53

Face to face with evil, he did the right thing

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Sept. 7, 1917 – Oct. 23, 2013 The death of Earl Staten Browning *53 in a Charlottesville retirement home at age 96 was noted as far away as London, where The Telegraph praised the former U.S. Army colonel for his dogged pursuit of notorious Nazi war...Read more
Bruce G. Dunning ’62 in 1996

Lives: Bruce G. Dunning ’62

He let the story tell itself

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

April 5, 1940 – Aug. 26, 2013 One of the frustrating things about journalism — at least for us journalists — is that it is so transient. An article that takes months to research can capture attention for a day, then be instantly forgotten. Even the best TV...Read more
Penn Townsend Kimball II ’37 in 1983

Lives: Penn Townsend Kimball II ’37

Falsely accused, he fought to clear his name

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Oct. 12, 1915 – Nov. 8, 2013 Eagle Scout, chairman of the Prince, Rhodes scholar, U.S. Marine in the Pacific theater during World War II; later, a journalist at Time and The New York Times, political adviser, and longtime professor at the Columbia...Read more
Michael deCamp ’49 in an undated photo

Lives: Michael deCamp ’49

He explored the wonders of another world

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Jan. 1, 1928 – April 9, 2013 Michael deCamp ’49 spent his boyhood summers at the Jersey shore, swimming in the surf and wondering what wonders might lie beneath it. He found out in 1954 when Carleton Ray, a friend who happened to be the director of the New...Read more
Alan Rosenthal *58 *61 in the early 1970s

Lives: Alan Rosenthal *58 *61

He saw government’s sausage being made

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

March 18, 1932 – July 10, 2013 Over nearly five decades, Rutgers University political scientist Alan Rosenthal *58 *61 studied, advised, and prodded state legislators, but his most memorable observations may have come from a 2001 essay in State Legislatures...Read more
James Walker Evans ’52 in 1961

Lives: James Walker Evans ’52

A man of God who rode for freedom

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Aug. 20, 1930 – Feb. 6, 2013 Jim Evans ’52 was first and foremost a man of God, an ordained Episcopal priest who preached the gospel for nearly five decades. As a pastor, he dutifully followed denominational liturgy, performing the sacraments and guiding...Read more
Martha Carr Atwater ’86 in 1994

Lives: Martha Carr Atwater ’86

She had Emmy-winning talent, but many knew her as mother and friend

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

April 30, 1964 – Feb. 22, 2013 Martha Atwater’s close friends were not surprised that her writing and humor won her an Emmy for her work on the award-winning PBS children’s show Word World. They weren’t even surprised by the fact that it took Atwater years...Read more
John “Bud” Palmer ’44 in 1963

Lives: John ‘Bud’ Palmer ’44

From basketball to broadcasting, he leapt to the top with grace

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Sept. 14, 1921 – March 19, 2013 Even wearing clunky headphones, John “Bud” Palmer ’44 was a strikingly handsome man. Clad in a white shawl-collar sweater for the prelude to the 1960 U.S. Olympic hockey team’s game against the Soviet Union, Palmer...Read more
James Sterling Young ’49 with President Barack Obama in 2010

Lives: James Sterling Young ’49

To learn, he listened

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Oct. 14, 1927 – Aug. 8, 2013 In the hours and hours of oral-history interviews that James Sterling Young ’49 recorded with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, there are more than their two voices on the tape — and there’s more than just talking. Kennedy brought his...Read more
Peter B. Lewis ’55 in 2003

Lives: Peter B. Lewis ’55

A generous lone ranger

Published in the Feb.5, 2014, issue

Nov. 11, 1933 – Nov. 23, 2013 When Shirley Tilghman asked Peter B. Lewis ’55 to consider funding a new, cutting-edge genomics center, he was excited about doing something that had not been done before. And the more she emphasized the risks involved, the...Read more
Lives lived and lost
An interview with Barbara Brenner *77
Bruce Dunning ’62, reporting from Da Nang
An interview with Penn Kimball ’37
Sports broadcaster John “Bud” Palmer ’44