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Donville Raye Buchanan ’89

Published in May12, 2004, issue

Donville died of a heart attack Oct. 30, 2003, in Miami. He was 38.

Donville, affectionately known as "D'Raye," came to Princeton from Munro College in Jamaica, West Indies. During a little more than a year at Princeton, D'Raye made an enormous impression. He quickly became well known for his sense of humor and infectious, uninhibited exuberance, and counted innumerable friends from all reaches of the Princeton community.

D'Raye was active in Expressions, a dance company, and track and field. After leaving Princeton, he worked as a model in Europe and in the hotel industry in Jamaica, and traveled the world. He later graduated from the International Fine Arts College in Miami.

Our class extends its deepest sympathy to his wife, Charlotte; son Kenzie; mother, Inez; sisters Jacinth and Carol; and brothers Glaspole, Clive, Lennox, Dillette, Wilbert Jr., Anthony, and David.

The Class of 1989

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8 Remembrances posted for Donville Raye Buchanan

Charlotte Buchanan Says:

2009-05-04 10:54:25

Hello! I just saw this by searching my husband online and I must say I am very touched by this. I am his wife. Thank you for this article. God bless, Charlotte and Kenzie Buchanan

Michelle Buchanan Says:

2009-07-21 14:05:36

I am one of his nieces. Thank you for the kind words for my uncle D'Raye. He is greatly missed by us all.

Wilbert W. Buchanan Jr. Says:

2009-07-27 11:38:02

Thanks for the sentiments. It is indeed touching.

Winston Buchanan Jr. Says:

2012-05-23 16:46:59

He was my uncle but more like my big brother. I miss him every day. Thank you, guys.

Kyle Attenborough Says:

2012-05-31 09:25:43

My God, is it the same D'Raye, who stayed with me in Poland in 1994 and 1995? And his brother David is a musician, living at that time in Berlin? What a brilliant man he was. D'Raye and I were born on Oct. 17. I can't believe it.

Jacinth Buchanan-Taylor Says:

2012-10-22 10:58:17

He will always be in my heart. As his oldest sister, I was like a mother to him. He was the youngest of the brothers and lived with me for years. That is how I got my big practice of being a mother. He and his niece, Michelle, who he treated as a younger sister, were the children that I did not have at the time. He will always be in my heart. God knows best. He was one of a kind. He touched numerous lives. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. YOU WERE VERY SPECIAL. I know you are the joy of the group wherever you are. Continue being yourself.

Anne-Marie Buchanan Says:

2013-06-17 10:08:42

I remember Uncle Donville very well and I'll never forget the day when I heard the news. Blessings go out to Aunty Charlotte and Cousin Kenzie. Uncle Donville, you are sadly missed.

Ian Campbell Says:

2014-04-03 10:16:14

I went to school for seven years with Donville. He had a really good grasp of the arts and was superb athlete in many sports, including soccer and track and field. I can still see him standing in the middle of the dorms reciting Shakespeare quotations. I can also still see him wining gold medals at national championships. Above all, he was a kind person with a big heart. It is with great sadness that I and the other members of the Munro College Class of 84 extend our sympathy to his family and friends.
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Donville Raye Buchanan
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