Anastasia Oldham ’10
Anastasia Oldham ’10
Courtesy Anastasia Oldham ’10

Paralegal specialist in the Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs, which works with state and local prosecutors in the United States and counterparts in foreign countries to secure the return of fugitives and evidence needed in criminal investigations. Princeton major: anthropology.

What she does: Oldham works with attorneys who handle the formal requests for evidence or extradition of fugitives abroad. She does everything from arranging for the translation of the requests, to ushering them through State Department clearance, to ensuring they get to foreign countries. She also assists in reviewing requests from abroad and “makes sure that we’re able to get the evidence in a timely fashion.”

Why she chose it: “It seemed like a really good mix of legal experience, which I wanted for potentially going to law school, and [an] international focus,” says Oldham, who found her job posted online.

What she likes: “It shows the best of our diplomatic relationships with other countries to work together to bring justice.”