Assistant religion editor at The Huffington Post. Prince­ton major: economics.
Jahnabi Barooah ’11
Jahnabi Barooah ’11

What she does: Barooah edits blog posts written by Huffington Post contributors, files wire stories, and writes short pieces on religious trends and polls. She also scours online news sites, blogs, and social-media outlets, including Twitter, for possible stories. 

Why she wanted the job: “I started reading the religion section of The Huffington Post the day it launched [Feb. 24, 2010]. And I really liked what I saw there. It was putting the spotlight on positive stories about religion.” 

How she got it: Paul Raushenbush, a former associate dean of religious life and the Chapel at Princeton who is now the senior religion ­editor for The Huffington Post, helped Barooah land an internship. She was hired after a position opened up in September 2011. 

Most challenging: “It is a bit difficult to distinguish work life and personal life because they merge so much. I come back home after work and I’m still looking out for interesting religion news. I do it because I love it, but it’s both a blessing and a curse.”