Jack Bauer, the hero of TV's 24, devotes his life to protecting the world from terrorists. Off screen, producer Howard Gordon ’84, actor Kiefer Sutherland (who plays Bauer), and others on the show have turned their attention to another global threat: excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This month, 24 announced that it has become TV's first carbon-neutral show, fulfilling a goal that Gordon outlined two years ago. Using compact fluorescent lighting, biodiesel-fueled generators, renewable electricity sources, hybrid vehicles, and digital scripts, the show cut more than 40 percent of its emissions. Producers bought carbon offsets to make up for the rest.

Gordon gets our nod as Tiger of the Week for following what he calls a "passion project." He said in a news release that he has one additional goal in mind: "inspire our audience to make changes in their own lives."

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