Children without involved fathers are more at risk to become teen parents, fail in school, or end up in jail. Roland Warren ’83, whose father was absent for much of his childhood, avoided those pitfalls. He excelled in school, earned degrees from Princeton and Wharton, embarked on a successful career in business and finance, and with his wife, Yvette, became a parent of two sons.

Since 2001, as president of the Maryland-based National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), Warren has overseen a range of efforts designed to support fathers, including public education campaigns and curricula for building a dad's parenting skills. He also writes a monthly column for The Washington Times called Pop's Culture. With Fathers Day approaching, Warren is our Tiger of the Week.

The recent economic decline has put stress on parents who are trying to provide for their families, and Warren, in a recent column, preached resiliency. "[S]uccess in life and in fathering is less about how many times one falls," he wrote, "but rather, about how many times one gets back up."

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