With congressional approval ratings in the cellar after a 16-day government shutdown, this may not be an ideal time to be highlighting the work of alumni politicians and pollsters. But two articles in the Oct. 23 issue — about alumni who’ve run for office and the work of strategist Mark Mellman ’78 — offer some encouraging perspectives on electoral politics. Ravi Sangisetti ’03, a Louisiana Democrat who lost his bid for a House seat in 2010, told reporter Kathleen Kiely ’77 that raising money and shaking 25,000 hands was an “amazing experience,” even though it came with doses of rejection and humiliation: “I had an opportunity as a young person to experience other people’s lives and understand what they were going through.”
— Marilyn H. Marks *86, editor
Princeton was front row, center in the theater of the mind when Orson Welles performed War of the Worlds 75 years ago this month. Also available as a podcast. READ MORE or LISTEN


Ward tells the story of her daughter’s transition from high school to college — and the informal study carrel that went from a table of gloom to one of promise. READ MORE
Read remarks by Hunter Rawlings *70, left, president of the Association of American Universities, and Professor Deborah Prentice, delivered at the installation of President Eisgruber.


Read a profile of Decker in the Oct. 23 issue, and watch a trailer from her new film, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, at PAW Online. WATCH



A ‘Prince of Polling’
When a Democratic candidate needs data to win a race, Mark Mellman ’78 is likely to get the call.

Running the Race
Despite the state of politics, these alumni don’t regret their trips down the campaign trail.

President Eisgruber’s installation features a defense of liberal arts — and a big party.

Q&A: Frank Sharry ’78 on Immigration Reform
Sharry, the founder and executive director of America’s Voice, sees public support for reform that combines a path to citizenship with strong enforcement.

Smarter Smart Phones
Electrical engineering professor Mung Chiang helps to clear congestion on the information superhighway.

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