(Weimarer Schiller-Presse) This work is intended to leave readers with the message of the Jewish bible as the breakthrough from despotism to a society of free citizens founded on the observance of the law. It is also a thank you to the Jewish community of Austria, which to the greater extent was murdered and driven out of the country. Ortner, formerly a financial lawyer, lives in Austria and studies theology and languages. He is the author of Stalingrad: Princeton’sche Bekenntnisse, ein Testament für Osterreich (Stalingrad: Princetonian Confessions, A Testament for Austria). The second volume of “Tempelgesänge,” “Temple Songs – A Biblical Poem, Second Part: The Message of Jesus,” is due for publication this spring. Orders of the books should be made to Weimarer Schiller-Presse, Verlagsauslieferung, Großer Hirschgraben 15, D-60311 Frankfurt/Main, Germany.