In Response to: When Song is Silenced

Having sung in the Chapel Choir, I am in full agreement with Peter Sevenson ’09. In fact, the Aug.15 issue of The Economist published my letter about this dilemma:

Singing is so important to our sense of community and to our mental health that we need to find work-arounds, so we can safely resume singing without spreading the virus. You quoted one choral director as saying “We can innovate.”

How? Well, who says we have to sing while breathing out, which is what risks spreading the virus? Yes, it will require some readjustments, but I have experimented and I can verify that it's possible to sing while breathing in. Only in my falsetto voice so far. If you're skeptical about my proposal, just think of the way Parisians say “oui!” while breathing in. Or the involuntary gasps we make when terrified, while suddenly breathing in. 

I suggest we name this new form of music “inspirational singing.”

Richard M. Waugaman ’70
Potomac, Md.