Readers voiced their support at PAW Online for Earl Kim *93, superintendent of a New Jersey school district, whose role in the battle over education reform was profiled in the Dec. 14 issue. 

“Those in New Jersey who don’t like Earl Kim *93 don’t like him because he has the evidence to back up his argument, won’t be swayed by ideology, and isn’t going to stoop to lower levels in a debate,” wrote DONNELL BUTLER *09. “As an early childhood educator, this article had touched my heart,” said PAULA HOGAN p’04.

“PAW has finally profiled an education reformer who understands and respects public education,” commented TOBIN HAHN ’94. “It is a shame that Kim was not granted respect in return, and will be taking his talents to a private school.”

Noting Kim’s plans to become headmaster of a school in Hawaii, NICOLE VELASCO ’08 wrote that the public education system in that state “is one of the worst, and it will require thoughtful analysis by the likes of Kim to take it out of the mire.”