Concerts are among the most lasting memories of campus years, and the University has a long ­tradition of attracting notable performers of the time. PAW invites alumni to share the stories of their most unforgettable Princeton concerts.

From Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong to Count Basie and Dave Brubeck, from the Kingston Trio and the Weavers to Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, from Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie to Joan Baez and Judy Collins, from P.D.Q. Bach to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, from the Beach Boys and the Grateful Dead to Smokey Robinson and the ­Miracles and Bruce Springsteen, from Rihanna and Maroon 5 to Third Eye Blind, from Stan Rubin ’55 to Barry Miles ’69 and Terry ­Silverlight ’79 — the list goes on and on.

Send your concert memories — and photos, if available — to PAW by mail or email We plan to publish a ­selection of submissions in the Jan. 16 issue.