Fashionable Tigers


To my knowledge, no one has yet given thought to the impact of women on fash­ion at Princeton. I became acutely aware of this when my wife, who was looking at the pictures in your excellent Reunion issue, said “When the girls get there you’ll certainly have to do something about those Reunion outfits!” “Whatever do you mean?,” I asked, shocked at her irrever­ence. “Well,” she patiently explained, “there isn’t the faintest chance that the girls will want to dress alike. No girl ever wants to be seen in exactly the same out­fit another girl is wearing.” “You have a point there,” I reluctantly concluded .... “The colors are another problem,” she added. “Everybody knows that orange and black only look well on redheads. The brunettes will possibly want some shade of red, and the blondes will vote for blue which is always their best color.” “Now you’ve gone too far,” I protested. “Red and blue ... those are the colors of Harvard and Yale.” “So what,” she scoffed, “you can just call it an ecumeni­cal reunion!”

Where will this all end? 


New York. N.Y.