The First No-Hitter

As a footnote to “America at Play” (PAW, October 6), your readers might be inter­ested in this excerpt from Ira L. Smith and H. Allen Smith’s excellent book Low and Inside:

“The first no-hit game on record (says our research department) was slung at New Haven, Connecticut, by a young man named Joseph McElroy Mann, pitching for Princeton University against Yale. The date: May 29, 1875.

“Inasmuch as there had been nothing in the nature of a no-hitter up to then, the newspaper took little cognizance of the Mann performance-please remember that the man who ate that first oyster didn’t get his name in the papers. A com­plete report of that New Haven game, as it appeared in the New York Mercury, oc­cupied one paragraph, which follows:

“ ‘The game between the Princeton and Yale clubs in New Haven yesterday was one of the finest of the season. Mr. Mann’s pitching for the Princeton nine was so ef­fective that the Vales did not make a single base hit. The Princetons won by a score of 8 to 0. Woods and Duffield of the Princetons particularly distinguished them­selves, the latter taking several beautiful flies after hard runs.’ ”


Washington, D.C.